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From Wonder Woman 279 and 280.

Huntress heads to a prison isle where there is a breakout and the prisoners end up holding the guards and the warden hostage. Their leader is a man named Lionmane that has some sort of connection to Huntress' mother Catwoman.

Lionmane is introduced

Man why can't attractive women rescue me from situations like that? Knowing my luck I'd have Robin rescue me that way (fine for Icon_Uk I suppose!)

Wait did he just say purrrfect?!


Anyway, Lionmane heads out in a sea of criminals and announcing that no one should be afraid of the cops and that noone will get close. Huntress descends on the platform and announces that Lionmane won't be leaving the island.

Lionmane uh..takes exception to that.

The next page features Lionmane grabbing catwoman but he is knocked out by her knockout gas. Still catwoman was forever shook up by that encounter.

Lionmane breaks Huntress' dartgun with his bare hands and seemingly gets the upper hand in the next couple of pages until...

There ya have it folks. I believe that's the last we ever saw of Evil Liono.

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