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I am of the opinion that the only person allowed to write Osborn from now on is DeConnick.

Also, I just read Alias the other day. What the HELL happened to Bendis!? How did his writing get so bad/cliche?
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I liked Dark Avengers, I loved the miniseries.

Not sure it's the right time for a revisit of it, though; but then again, let's wait & see how it turns out.
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Well, let's see.

I strongly dislike Norman Osborn because he's dead and I'm sick of Marvel pushing him down our throats. He had his time, it's over, go away, die...again.

I dislike Bendis's writing because IMO I think he's brutally overrated. The only thing he writes well is crime--and really that not so well. Alias worked out only because he was working with a blank slate in Jessica Jones. I think his endings are poor, he writes almost every pre-existing character out of character to suit his plots--to me that's poor writing. Put him on a comic where he gets to write only non-super underworld types and cops--normal, non-super cops--and I think he'd do a good job.
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I disagree with your assessment about Osborn and about Bendis, but I'm glad you like them.
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Except Osborn isn't "dead" and he's one of their top villains. What, just because you don't like a character you think they should be killed off, even if other people like him?

I also disagree with you about Bendis.
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That's cool. I offered an opinion, and you offered yours.