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Some of the best writing and developments in comics continues to unfurl as most stories about the past begin to come to light, and life.

*I know I'm not doing a good job of explaining how things are progressing and how good book this is, a must pick up and continue, but I hope you do make the effort.

Tommy Taylor has his father's journals, and the comic book character of the 1930's seems to be the key in making the next move to thwart the Cabal (the group of people who control the stories of the world and how those stories influence humanity).

While in the real world Tommy Taylor's list of potential allies grows... "thin" Tommy is looking for the tools to wage his war with the Cabal in his father's journals, and the fateful encounter he has with the creator of The Tinker.

Tommy's father begins to have feelings for her, and begins to lie to his bosses as to why he hasn't killed the author and taken over control of the story.

Things progress.... out of control (in a good way), and then the Big Bad Mr. Pullman arrives to set things straight. He explains what kind of threat to their plans to world domination whims Mr. Taylor sits upon.

It can't be..... but I think Pullman is referring to a certain "strange visitor from another world".
A baby. A flying saucer. A humble origin in the stable or farm. A messiah.

With the Western world turning to chaos and literature being managed by the state, the Cabal is ready to sweep in and claim unprecedented power of influence (as seen in the newspaper clips as Taylor operates in the 30's).

Yet something happened. Something stopped them. Something must have brought a voice and hope back to the people. I can't wait to read what it is.

And as I read Miriam, I can't help but put Claudia Black's voice (Farscape/Stargate) to fill in for her.

Anyhow, the more I read, the more grand the scope of this world becomes, the greater the stakes and how our own connection as comic book readers plays a part to it.
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