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Brubaker's Daredevil Part 1: The Devil in Cell-Block D

So as requested, I'm going to start posting Brubaker's run. A warning though; it's probably going to take me longer to get these done as I'm having a bit more difficulty selecting which pages to use than when I did Bendis. But I already have the next arc in the bag more or less.

This continues directly from Bendis' run, which ended with Matt Murdock and the Kingpin both being put in the same jail.

First issue is #82. Disclaimer: It was double-sized.

The issue begins with Hell's Kitchen going to hell in a handbasket as Matt Murdock rots in prison...only, Daredevil's still fighting crime.

So basically Matt's in protective custody right now pending trial, but even then he's having a real bad time. With his heightened senses, he can hear and smell everything around him, and he's suffering. The guards are cruel and malicious, and it's clear that many of the prisoners run the place...such as Hammerhead.

Ben Urich wants to know from Foggy if he's behind the new Daredevil running around, since Matt benefits from the most. Foggy claims to know nothing about it. Outside, upon seeing the new Daredevil, Foggy puts his ears to his head because he doesn't want to know who is under the mask.

Brubaker also reintroduces two old supporting characters; Dakota North, a private investigator who functions as a mole on the feds working against Murdock, and Becky Blake, a lawyer friend of Murdock and Nelson who is confined to a wheelchair. Both are doing their best to help Foggy with the current situation, and North reports that the feds are trying to move Matt into gen pop.

Back in the prison infirmary, Carlos Muertos AKA the Black Tarantula and tells Murdock (who is getting his bandages from the gunshot wound from last arc removed) that the going's going to get rough and he should pick a side. Matt is later taken away by the guard to a detour.

Matt manages to make quick work of the goons, but the guards arrive and put Matt in a more confined cell in solitary.

Back in his cell, Matt finds a note asking him who he can protect when he's behind cement walls.ww


Back in prison, Matt vows revenge against those who killed Foggy. His 'dad' tells him he's making a mistake.


Does anyone know if this Hannibal-restraint mask is used in real life? (The design was created specifically for the Silence of the Lambs film).

Anyways, since being released back into gen-pop, Matt has become a feared inmate in his quest to find out who ordered the hit on Foggy. It's easier for him to escape his cell now, and he manages to track down Hammerhead.

The Kingpin is soon moved into gen-pop.


The man who shanked Foggy is found hanging in his cell, and the word is that Kingpin killed him to cover his tracks, and that he was the one who ordered the hit on Foggy. Carlos offers Matt a shiv to take out Fisk, but Matt turns his offer down.

Later, the Punisher decides to sit next to Matt at lunch and explains why he's here. One, he didn't want to miss out on the wave of violence hitting Ryker's.

Frank almost kills the inmate, but Murdock stops him. Frank says he's surprised that Murdock still gives a damn.

Meanwhile, Dakota and Foggy have discovered that the new Daredevil is possibly connected to a mysterious lawyer named Alton Lennox.

This is one of the reasons why I find the Kingpin such an interesting character; you really can't see many superheroes having this sort of relationship with their archnemesis. 


Word of an impending riot soon gets out. On orders from the Kingpin, Turk releases Bullseye. The Kingpin and Matt are the two prime targets, so the two end up teaming up to defend themselves.


Some men who think Dakota is getting too close try to kill her, but the new Daredevil saves her.

Matt discovers that Lennox has left for Monaco, and under the alias of Michael Murdock, boards a plane to find him.

Right after this page, Brubaker did an afterword with the first sentence being "You didn't really think I'd kill off Foggy, did you?" I have to say, he had me fooled. So it was a big relief to know that Foggy was safe and sound.

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He also agreed to waive Paladin's entire criminal record in exchange for shooting someone so they could be tracked and arrested. I mean, that's conspiracy to commit and assault right there. He may not be pocketing money, but that's "dirty cop" to me.

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I dunno, swapping deals with superhumans seems to be standard fare in any fictional medium. And as hired guns go, Paladin isn't that bad.