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Emma Frost. In your head.

In the most recent requests post, shadowspykie asked for some kick ass Emma Frost scans. One thing popped into my head.

It's from New Avengers #9. The Void is attacking America. Reed Richards has the machine that they used to banish The Void before and is aided by Emma Frost to help get Robert Reynolds under control.

Reed, Emma and the Sentry convince Robert of the threat that the Void poses and that Robert can help to stop it.

Emma asks that Robert relaxes and allows her into his mind

Here's a beautiful double page spread to start us off.

That Black square hid Mastermind doing something to Sentry. It's barely important, considering how convoluted the Sentry story becomes.

How good is the framing on that last page?
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I recall there were two different art styles, a very painterly one for the real world, and the style in my icon for inside Sentry's head. Bob was also there, looking good. Emma... did something... in Sentry's head and outside, Sentry panicked and ran out on the fight he was in. The Sentry's Wikipedia article suggests it has something to do with the Dark X-Men?