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I sometimes like Warren EllisMark Millar, but sometimes his reach exceeds his grasp, IMHO. At the same time as he was doing some very interesting stuff else with StormwatchAztek, he was freelancing for Marvel and doing....other things.

This was a single issue 'Elseworld'-type story from 2000. Called "Codename: X-Men", it was an alternate Marvel Universe which was...well, by today's standards I'm not sure if it was actually a darker future, honestly. Mutants are considered a danger to society and have been rounded up into prisons. It's not really made abundantly clear why they all have costumes, since it's implied that most of them weren't members of their original teams. I'm not really clear where the divergence from 616 starts, but it's really weird and kinda dark without much benefit.

Colonel America summons his X-men, consisting of Cyclops, Iceman, Deathbird, Goblin Queen (Jean Grey), Mastermind and Wolverine. Colonel America has basically put together a Suicide Squad. They are his expendable men...his X-MEN, GEDDIT?!?! (sigh).

Anyhow, they're sent to find Iron Man, who was sent in a quinjet with an experimental warhead: a nano-bomb, a 'eco-friendly nuke'. It blows up everything and the reassembles the atoms of the area...minus your enemies. But he's gone missing, so they send the X-men to find out why. The usual alternate reality versions of heroes and villains show themselves.

The bomb has been stolen by that Mutant Messiah, Doctor Strange, leader of the Church of the Splitting Atom. Here are the two pages where we meet him and his men:

That's Mastermind there, being the voice on not-crazy. The Church of the Splitting Atom apparently accepts any metahuman of any kind, as you can see by the presence of the Wrecking Crew. Mister Sinister as a henchman is pretty funny, IMHO.

And then Wolverine flies a Quinjet into Dr. Strange. The End.

This whole thing kind of felt like it was terribly, terribly rushed. From the scratchy artwork to the very rushed storyline. I'm not sure what was going on here.
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