Date: 2011-08-17 11:41 pm (UTC)
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^_^ Good to "see" another Ohioan around here (my grad school is in the state too... just well out of Cleveland). September 2nd, huh? Well, I'm going to be in the city itself for the Indians baseball game a week from Saturday, so maybe I'll luck out and see some sets or something, if not actually any of the stars? ;P If not, I may have to find a good excuse to head back into the city while I'm still about... maybe a nice trip to the West Side Market or something?

I... OMG. I was just checking to see where in Cleveland they're filming. And apparently Cleveland isn't the only place in Ohio on the schedule. They're negotiating something within thirty miles of Cincinnati? ^___^ But it doesn't say when, damn. Or even where? But they're doing shooting in both of the regions of Ohio I have lived in... if the Detroit shooting hadn't been dropped, they would have basically shot within fifty miles or so of every place I have ever lived. Holy shit. I think it's some sort of sign. ;P (not really, but hilariously ironic, and I'm going to have to see this movie many times to ogle Cap... but not Iron Man even though he's awesome, because RDJ very slightly resembles a younger version of my uncles on Mom's side of the family, which is not something I tend to notice in the comics *le sigh*... and possibly Thor, and search for which bits were filmed in Cleveland and Cincinnati!)
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