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Brubaker's Daredevil Part 3: To the Devil, His Due

The first issue, #94 is a stand-alone issue about Milla Donovan and her relationship with Matt.

Milla wakes up at night alone, knowing that Matt is out as Daredevil.

She recounts how Daredevil saved her from being hit by a car.

#95 is when "To The Devil, His Due" starts.

The issue opens with Melvin Potter AKA the Gladiator at Ryker's.

Daredevil is once again cleaning the streets of petty crime, when one crook shoots himself lest he get arrested. Daredevil wonders what is going on.

Later, Matt hears about Melvin Potter's situation but says he can't take his case because that would draw more attention to him being Daredevil. Becky Blake insists that Potter is innocent and has been set up.


Matt believes that Melvin is lying, but Becky insists that Melvin's actions are being caused by an outside influence. Later, while patrolling the streets as Daredevil, he remembers how scared Melvin was and that there is something else going on.

Melvin Potter is given another psychiatric evaluation with the consensus that he is faking his current disorder. He is ultimately sentenced to spend the rest of his sentence in solitary, with an additional fifteen years added.

Daredevil guesses that someone wants Potter killing people and decides to follow the Ryker's transport.


Lily Lucca (remember, she was in the previous arc) explains that, although she stopped using the perfume that influenced men, that its effects are still present with her and its causing people to erupt in violence around her.

Later, the Gladiator goes on a massacre in Chinatown, slaughtering several innocent people. Matt assumes the worst, that Melvin Potter is long gone.

Milla is later skeptical about Lily coming to Matt.

Matt gets knocked out and wakes up in the back of a police cruiser.


The issue opens with Turk and Ox (a member of the Enforcers) running errands for a mysterious boss, selling some special drugs to ex-convicts...drugs that give the user a massive rush but also causes them to commit acts of violence.

Matt manages to escape from the police car without hurting anyone, and goes to rescue Milla, assuming the worst. The Gladiator, meanwhile, has kidnapped Milla.

Matt of course rescues her and crashes into a nearby window with her..


Melvin Potter is institutionalized at Bellevue under heavy sedation after he tried to bash his head in. Matt says that Potter's mental deterioration is a result of him being driven insane by someone.

Matt later hears that last night there were five murders committed by people hopped up on the mysterious drug, and as Daredevil, goes to find out who is responsible for it. He hears that Turk is selling them, but believes that Turk is just another pawn.

Meanwhile, Milla seems to be under a lot of stress and anxiety.

Matt picks up something strange in a warehouse but upon entering it finds himself surrounded by a gas that dulls his senses.