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Bufkin is fantastic, this is gonna be a great arc.

And I love the new art style that Buckingham has attempted with the watercolor ashing.
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As much as I love Bufkin, I've been waiting for the Re-Taking of Oz arc for a long time (we all knew it was coming at some point) and Ozma and Dorothy really should be a part of it (and Glenda & Scarecrow etc). Which is one of the reasons I'm not fond of (to put it midly) what they've turned Dorothy into in the Cinderella series since it would make much more sense for Dorothy to lead the rebellion against the Nome King (who in the books does fear her).
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While I'm okay with what they did to Dorothy, I too wish that Ozma and the Oz crew would have been involved in the the reclaiming of Oz from the Nome King. I was always hoping for a Homelands-like super arc, with Ozma sending this rag-tag team of heroes to reclaim Oz.

I'm a bit disappointed that it's only a B-plot to a 4 issue arc, but I have heard that Bill Willingham actually finds it hard writing Bufkin (which is strange, because he's always pretty awesome).
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I agree - I would have liked a super-arc (I think the Oz story has more possibilities than Flycatcher's "Good Prince" arc which seemed to go on forever. There are just too many Oz-ian characters (all in public domain) that could be used. Like Jinjur and her all-girl army, the Frogman and his brain, having "Real World" characters like Dorothy, Trot, Betsy Bobbin and even a grown up Button-Bright gathering resources in Mundane world, perhaps the Hungry Tiger, Billina and others holding the Animals of Oz in the uncharted parts of the country as a form of resistance, the Nome King holding Glinda hostage and draining her power and the Wizard turning on the Ozites and Ozma (which would be entirely in character to what he did prior to Baum's starting to retcon his own backstory) and having Ozma herself orchestrating things from Fabletown (or wherever they are) which would explain her sudden need to be the head of the 13th Floor witches. You could fill a whole year's worth of story with just the re-taking of Oz alone (not even going into whats going on with Snow and Bigby's kids).
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That's actually exactly what I wanted, too.

At the very least, I hope that Ozma planned to have Bufkin trapped in the Business Office so that this would all get under-way.