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Titans #37 & #38

So these are the last two issues of Titans, by Eric Wallace and Travis Moore. After the Flashpoint reboot, Ryan Choi will be alive again and Lian will apparently have never been born, so I don't know how much of this will be sticking.

Deathstroke uses the Methuselah Device to cure the dying Jericho.

Osiris asks if the machine could restore Adam as well. Slade says he doesn't know, but he thinks it's worth finding out.

Ink, Jade, and Osiris want to use the machine. Roy and Cinder don't.

Titans #38 begins with Ray Palmer meeting with Ryan Choi's girlfriend, Amanda, before his funeral. It's revealed that's she's recently given birth to their son, Ichiro.

Slade's reasoning doesn't really make any sense; it's not like his Titans were a public superhero team using the name of its heroes like the Dark Avengers.

Roy punches Slade, saying he's nothing like him and that he's realized the ideal Slade's been trying to corrupt is still important to him, which is why he'll be leading the Titans from now on. Slade kicks him and tells him to "keep your damn team, Roy. I've had enough of you all."

Cinder flies into the Methuselah Device, causing a plasma annihilation reaction with its heart. Osiris grabs Sivana and flies out. The others prepare to leave, though Deathstroke is missing.

Jade tries to stay behind, asking Roy what good is living without Lian.

Roy shakes his hand. "How about we take it one day at a time?"

Ray speaks at Ryan's funeral.

"Crazy town."

And that's it; the series is over. While it wasn't the greatest series, I'm glad Osiris never became an evil villain like I had feared. He generally remained a sympathetic character, at worst being an idiot for trusting Slade (though who knows, maybe the Methuselah device would have restored Adam?).  I just hope the Black Marvel Family will still be around post-Flashpoint.
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Dunno how this machine thingie works, but possibly the same reason Tim trying to clone Kon was wrong. Even if Timmy got his boyfriend back, it wouldn't be him, it would just LOOK like him.

Jericho I'll give a pass to as Joseph's power has to do with being an immaterial phantom retaining all his memories.

Of course, this might also have had more impact if we hadn't seen Sivana use the exact same concept to bring back Shimmer from the dead about seven years ago in The Outsiders.