Date: 2011-08-18 02:32 am (UTC)
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after what she just went through... yeah... and by looks of the end of Schism three... its not over... She was terrified, her friends were down, she JUST SAW one of the possible futures for mutants (A recording of Ex-Hound Rachel) and she knows these guys want them dead. "She did what she felt she had to." and now she is living with this.

Idie is actually one of the most interesting characters IN generation hope... because of her upbringing, she has been told her entire life that she is Sinful that her very nature, being a mutant, is sinful. She see's a picture of the original x-men, and says "I don't understand, why are they smiling" the very idea of "Out Mutants" being happy as mutants amazes her because "How can anyone be happy as a sinner?" This girl even believes, "Why shouldn't governments have genocidal robots to protect them, that is what a government is supposed to do. protect its people."

maybe because as a gay catholic i kinda... understand Idie's pov a bit... ther have been times i have felt like she has.... she is confused... throw all this into it...?
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