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Generation Hope 10

I posted these Images because a couple of people have been wondering "what Idie was thinking" when she went in to fight the Hellfire Club. What her motivations were. Also someone only saw the one panel that showed Idie saying "Is there anyone else i need to kill" and thought she was now a sociopath. admittedly without context that is what that panel makes her look like. so because of that I posted some context and the rest of that page the panel is from.

It miiight be pushing the page limit... so please let me know and i will adjust accordingly... its about two pages and a couple of panels...

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I get that. I've got a bud who is a gay catholic, he's expressed similar feelings.
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It resounds.....

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I was brought up in a religious background where I felt I was never good enough to make God's cut.
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Re: It resounds.....

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First time I heard this prayer (which I'm told has music, but I've never heard it) I thought it encapsulated the nature of the God I believe in.