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And speaking of Uncanny X-Force, the team gets a new member. ComicBookResources has the preview, and some of you may squee.

The fallout from Schism continues.

It's not the Kurt Wagner that we know, but we do get a Nightcrawler back in action.

and have we seen Robbi Rodriguez's work before?

Date: 2011-08-19 05:22 pm (UTC)
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I'm working on the premise that we'll eventually get the real Kurt back and there will be all sorts of deliciousness as he tries to figure out WTF about this AOA refugee.

I must also admit I'm kind of intrigued by Wolverine being faced with a Kurt that's just as damaged as he is. The Logan/Kurt friendship worked so well because Kurt was that serenity Logan needed. He's not going to find it with AOAKurt, and it should be interesting to watch him try.

Date: 2011-08-19 05:35 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jetwolf
Totally. I absolutely adored Nightcrawler and can't wait for his inevitable return (because comics), but I think there's a lot of potential in bringing in AOAKurt. Uncanny Stabby Force is a title that I've disliked on premise and mostly stayed away from, but I have to admit that whenever I flip through an issue it's been some of the most emotionally resonating X comics out there. I think this has a lot of potential, and from what I've seen of the series so far, I feel pretty confident that they're not going to miss the opportunity to explore that.

Date: 2011-08-19 05:56 pm (UTC)
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I feel like that's what people miss when they just look at the premise and say they don't want it. While true the premise is brutal, there is frankly a shocking amount of work that goes into the characters. Deadpool especially.


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