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Meet the DC Fifty-Too!

Some of you have already come across a fun new blogspot, which offers and ALTERNATIVE new titles from DC which they would like to see..

Welcome to the DC Fifty-Too, a blog curated by cartoonist Jon Morris.

First up, more Katie Cook cuteness

I already want to see this is a mini-series!

Then, a relaunch of a Jack Kirby classic character by Robert Wilson IV

Why yes, he is a cute blond heroic type who goes around in nothing more than cropped jeans and accompanied by a 7-foot tiger man.... Wanna make something of it?

Let me say here and now that I LOVE that Robin costume... designed by Tim Seeley (current writer of Witchblade)

And this looks like it could be oodles of fun too, from Mike Horton (And I want the guy on the right's T shirt!

Mike says: Blue Beetle is my favorite DC character. Probably my favorite comic book character in general. I had a Ted Kord: Year One mini in development for like a week a few years ago and the cover concept for my Fifty Two cover comes from an pitch I had in with J. Torres around 2004 or so. The idea being that Dan Garrett's long lost grandson would claim the Blue Beetle legacy. The original pitch called for him to be trained by Booster and Beetle in a "My Two Dads" situation. Since then, Ted died and Booster became a full on time traveller. Jaime Reyes was also introduced and I loved him. So I just retooled the idea to make for a team-up type story. The talented Zac Atkinson (www.evilbyme.com) colored it for me. I hope you like it!

I strongly urge you to visit the Fifty-Too site, as there are many more samples in there from different genres (WWII Liberty Belle headlining her own series for one) and given it's only a week old I'm sure there's more goodness to come! :)

And for legality, from the most recent and final JLA, Dick and Donna discuss their JLA adventures, with Dick seeming to be channelling James Robinson, and Donna perhaps explaining her absence in the new DCU. Though I'm not sure what's up with her face there, it doesn't look much like how I think of Donna.

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And this is the reason I was so against that particular policy. In it's current form it is not used as intended, just as means of pushing peoples' personal vendettas, or just an excuse to vent their unrelated anger on some anonymous person on the internet.

Seriously, are you saying that what Icon, and the people who have agreed with him, is somehow counter to the ideals of Scans_Daily? And while you might not consider it a "greatest crime" to call someone a racist, when they're patently not, it is still personal attack that hasn't got anything to do with actually discussing issues. Calling names is not discussion. This could all be prevented by simple hands off, report and let the mods make the decision approach that I've seen used elsewhere.

Or could it be that the very thin veil of fifthie's comments is really that obscuring? If so, then there's not much we can come into agreement. I guess. That's been my experience before, if there's an iota of uncertainty no one will change their initial interpretation of the issues on the internet. I'm no exception either, so... Eh.
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What Icon *wrote*, even. Probably not the only mistake there.
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Let me repeat myself. Pointing out systematic racist patterns is not considered a personal attack on [community profile] scans_daily. [personal profile] icon_uk was never called a racist, either. Moreover, saying that pointing out racist patterns in someone's behaviour is a personal attack consists a silencing tactic against anti-racism. As such it is not welcome here.

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