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Batman Inc. #8 preview

ComicBookResources has the preview of issue #8.

What happens when you merge Batman with Tron?

I must say, having spent some time with animation software and modeling, this particular look is harder than it seems to achieve.

I hope this is a worthy end for this version of Batman.

shame I won't see Man-of-Bats and other cool bats like the ones we were introduced to.
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So Bruce creates Internet 3.0, then introduces viruses into it in order to simulate how effective the anti-virus to the problem he created is?
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Seriously, they just came out with this, is someone paying the tech supervillains to program interfaces and such for cyber-robberies?

I mean, Barbara helped make the damn system infrastructure; how in the Intergods' names did somebody easily crack into that?
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Leviathan's meant to have a big reach, and have some of the chumps on board who screwed with Bruce's life during RIP. In that sense, it'd make sense that either Leviathan or another group of villains might have someone dedicated to cyber-stuff. That was Calculator's schtick, after all - To be the anti-Oracle.
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Not only that but the project should still be in beta right? Since most companies keep developing projects on a closed server, a hacker would actually have to break into WayneIndustries and physically plug into this server before he do anything. Isn't Batman Inc protecting WayneIndustries now? So that makes breaking in that much harder.
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like people have NEVER hacked, or used a Beta to get into a game... (plays WoW)
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For in-universe examples, the Justice League satellite or headquarters or whichever incarnation of the team and whichever base they're using - you can guarantee there's gonna be at least one story per run about a villain gaining access to the Watchtower or whatever, usually by hacking. Given the gathering of technologies in the League, from Bruce's top stuff to Atlantean, Themysciran and Kryptonian stuff, the HQ of the Justice League should be damn near impregnable.

And yet, chumps like Prometheus are always gaining access.
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they must feel so pregnable when that happens :D

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I want that to be a line of dialogue, now. Maybe from someone like Green Arrow.
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actually it is.... its from a superboy/batgirl team up... Conner and Cass teamed up tvtropes has it under Dope Slap

•Superboy (Conner Kent) received one from Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) during a team-up. Superboy, being the Casanova Wannabe that he was at the time, continuously showed off his tactile-telekinesis in order to impress her. When she simply ignores him and uses his Nigh Invulnerability as a Human Shield to protect her from an explosion, he finally gets angry and snaps back with a "What the Hell, Hero?" rant. Cassandra calmly slaps him across the forehead and says, "Focus." And Superboy is shocked that it hurt.
Superboy: She got past my force-field. My impregnable force-field. I feel so... pregnable.
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Ah, I remember that. It's a pity that they abandoned that casanova aspect of Conner for the misery-guts he became once he was under Johns' pen.
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Ah, but much like in the real world, JL puts information security at the bottom of its priority list for funding, updating, etc.
On the other hand, wouldn't it be pretty frikkin sweet to be the tech that gets called in for THAT?
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Yes, but that's the case where the game is connected to the internet, in this case it's not connected to the regular internet. (Having now actually read the issue I will say that Morrison writes it in a way that makes sense so I've got no complaints about that plot point)
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I think that are just indepent hackers trying to crash the party. I'm confused why they have to carry guns...
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I'm confused why they have to carry guns...

Too much MW2
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Easy iconography to comprehend and instantly understood as weapons by their targets.
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