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The best part is that Taymor really didn't have to add much to all the batshit insanity right there in the script. As you know, Shakespeare has very few stage directions, so I fucking love that it outright says "Enter Titus dressed as a chef." It's so perfect, capping off the sick hilarity--for lack of a better word--of the whole finale.
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Showing my lowbrow sensibilities, it reminds me of Vincent Price's variation of the Titus scene with Robert Morley... a scene which literally triggers my gag reflex every single time (More for the force feeding though)
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Considering what a lasting lifelong impression Theatre of Blood made on me when I saw it at age five or so, it's a true testament to Taymor's brilliance that I can watch Titus and NOT think of "This... is... your... DISH!"

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Theatre of Blood! I love that stupid film.

The fencing-on-a-trampoline is the best bit though. Or the ending credits where someone is credited as "meths-drinker choreographer."
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[personal profile] misterbug 2011-08-26 07:24 pm (UTC)(link) a lifelong Shakespeare enthusiast of 21 years, I have mixed reactions to Taymor's Titus. Good design, outstanding performance, nice use of the grotesque, fantastic execution of the 'Roman Empire Never Fell' concept, but...a wee bit too much in certain areas.

The Lavinia-stick scene, certainly, I thought could have been quieter. It's a pity, because the reveal of Lavinia's mutilation to Titus was done with exactly the alarming, horrific pathos that I feel is essential to her character; but it wasn't properly carried on. The heavy-metal music, combined with the speeded-up footage and the crazy-acid-vision-tiger-attack iconography smacked of 'XTREME!' to me.

Similar the flying-trumpet-angel sequence bridging the gap between Hopkins' two flawless deliveries of Titus pleading with the rocks and Titus gathering his tragic family together. I couldn't help but think of the first flashback in 'Airplane!' when a woman's legs are shown striding a raunchy bar, only for the camera to pan up showing her playing the raunchy trombone music that provides its atmosphere.

And this is purely my own hang-up, but nothing arrests a good murder scene more than noticing mid-stab that the victim is Miss Marple.

Good film, though. It's just I'd give it 3 out of 4, myself.