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For[personal profile] greenmask, some more from the UK Zoids comic... well, not the comic per se. The ongoing nature of the stories and the short length make that a bear to trim. This one is courtesy of the Zoids annual from 1986.... Which makes this it's silver anniversary and I feel TERRIBLY old.

Okay, quick (Quick?) background. On the planet Zoidstar in the Zoidal system (Get used to that four-letter prefix, you're going to see it a LOT), there once existed the mighty Zoidaryan Empire. They ruled many worlds, mostly thanks to their much feared war machines; the ZOIDS! Using Zoidaryan pilots, they were massively effective, varied in size, shape and function, many patterned after deadly animals from the environments they were designed to conquer.. or just went for default dinosaurs whichever they though likely to be cooler.

The Zoidaryan's were a victim of their own success/excess. They grew bored with ruling their Empire, who were all so completely subjugated as to be boring as hell for a warrior race. They designed androids to operate the Zoids instead of Zoidaryans, and then someone had the bright idea of using the Zoids for gladatorial combat to the death, y'know, for kicks.

This proved to be massively popular, but whilst the Zoidaryans were revelling in trying to kill each other for fun, the Empire started to fragment and rebel.

When one of the last Zoidaryan's to return home made it to the planet (bearing a ship full of zoids for the games) he discovered that it had been laid waste by some vast mysterious catastrophe and as a result they crashed on the Blue Moon of Zoidstar. His injuries required him to be sealed in a cybersuit. In order to get off the moon he created a new form of programming, which would allow the Zoids to survive not just on the hostile moon, but ANYWHERE. This allowed him to make it home with his Zoids in tow.

And that's where he really realised how badly he'd screwed up. The Zoids he'd upgraded were now self aware, able to survive anywhere and had the aggression natural to of ALL Zoidaryans. Let the good times roll blast the shit out of each other!

And just when the Blue Zoids were gettting bored with each other, a new mutation has cropped up, Zoids switching from their traditional Blue colour, to Red. And that's all it can take to

Our major players, are Zoidzilla, the leader of the Blue Zoids (Who bears NO RESEMBLANCE AT ALL to any other large bipedal vaguely dinosaurish creature emerging from the monster from Toho Studios of the 1950's), and Krark, Prince of Darkness (Yes, that's how he's known about every single time it's mentioned, it's like Klarion, the Witch Boy or Robin, the Boy Wonder... of Robin had chosen a mechanical pterosaur as his motif, which would certainly have made Gotham a very different place... but I digress). It's also one of the most delightfully onomatopoeic names going... "Krark!" say it out loud a few times and you'll be wanting to run around the room flapping your arms like wings whilst you say it... or maybe that's just me...

Also around are the likes of the Mighty Gore, the Lord Protector, the ambitious Redhorn the Terrible, Mammoth (a defector who CHOSE to leave the Blue's to become Red, and two standoffish, overintellectual observers, sort of a sarcastic cross between R2D2 and C3PO, and the two tramps in Waiting for Godot; Zunder and Zaton. They tend to get more than their fair share of good lines, but alas I've had to excise them from this story completely because I'm trimming down from 11 pages here.

Oh yes, some humans come along later in Zoid history audience identification and convenient squishiness, but we're not dealing with that here. It's arse-kicking robots all the way!

We start with an everyday battle between Krark and Zoidzilla, who are being obsevred, and narrated over by Redhorn.... Krark, it should be noted, has some rather... eccentric ideas for a Zoid, he believes that Red and Blue should stop fighting, and join forces, becoming an unstoppable force for conquest, rather than constant, wasteful, internecine combat.

(My page count is limited, but I couldn't resist that image). Gore arrives to support Zoidzilla, and Krark, no fool he, makes his escape.

Zoidzilla reassured the loyal Gore, that no one could have arrived faster to his summons (I like that Zoidzilla is actually more than a monster, he actually takes the time to compliment his troops)

Redhorn is annoyed that Krark and Zoidzilla never seem able to score a decisive blow against each other, since it means he has to bide his time. He would never be able to defeat both of them one after the other and if he destroyed one, the other would be hunting him almost immediately. Mammoth has been overhearing and has a suggestion.

Hmmm... didn't I just say he couldn't win against them, what can the cunning triceratops have in mind?

Later, under cover of darkness, Redhorn sneaks into Blue territory (Sneaks? He's a bloody 120 foot long mechanical triceratops, how the HELL does he "sneak"? But I digress)

And a little while later, Krark also receive a visit from a certain Red triceratops....

And so the duel (As there are three of them, would that make this a truel?) dawns... The players make their entries, though of course, Redhorn is holding back, wanting to let the other two to meet within, each expecting support, so not playing it safe the way they normally do.

Yeah, I spent another whole page on that one splash image... I feel no shame! :)

As the two MUCH more experienced warriors, neither of whom was going to fall for so transparent a ruse wander off, Krark takes the opportunuty to push his agenda... And did someone ELSE maybe have a bit of an agenda here?

Why yes, I rather think they might. Mammoth may not be the most powerful Red Zord, but he IS a sneaky one!

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From: [personal profile] biod
And I thank you for that.
Do you happen to know how much of the Marvel UK stories overlap with the anime. I remember seeing a few episodes on Toonami and what little Ican recall seems very different from this besides the "GIANT ROBOT WAR BEASTS".


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