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The Best Marvel Comic of the Decade: New Avengers #15.

That's my opinion and I am sticking to it. This comic book belongs in a museum.

Addendum: Mike Deodato Jr. just tweeted a pretty hilarious response: http://twitter.com/#!/mikedeodato/status/109342437960454144 and yes I realize some of these have been posted already.


It is Squirrel Girl's finest hour, without a doubt. Is it the best Marvel Comic of the Decade? Our sources say yes.

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As a Squirrel Girl fan, you might want to check this out

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SqrrlGrl fan since her team-up with Iron Man, but I'm boycotting FB. What's the link?

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Wow -- voluptuous! Not sure if Squirrel Girl or Coco to PePe Le Pew's Ice-T!

{ alts:
Not sure if Squirrel Girl 616 or Squirrel Girl 69!
Not sure if Squirrel Girl or Squirtle Girl! (Yeesh!)

Despite my appreciation of the lovely drawing, she is def not my Doreen Green. DG reminds me of a wonderfully gawky/geeky dancer i was crazy about in the 90s, so I prefer my Squirrel Girls (her name is just SO FUN to say!) moreā€¦ coltish, shall we say.
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That's pretty awesome as far as reinterpretations of stuff goes. : 0