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1 Page from Green Lantern #1

UGH! i just... there are no.... there are NO WORDS....... I HATE the Guardians. some one... ARG!!!!!!!!!!!

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I look forward to this backfiring on them horribly.
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What? How could this possibly backfire? I mean these are the most wise and ancient beings in the universe! Every step they take is so well thought out and planed down to slightest detail that the very idea of unintended consequences is laughable to them.

Aw who am I kidding? This whole one mind thing will probably turn them all into cheese.
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Eventually, first they'll be green then a few will split off and become violet followed by yellow, red, orange, etc.
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psh. there's no way this can go horribly wrong.

nothing else drastic they've done has ever returned to bite them in the ass, right?