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Lobdell reveals more about the new DCU

Scott Lobdell decided to do a Q&A session about his three books at the Comicvine site. He foolishly didn't put a limit on the number of questions. Now he's slowly answering every single one them.

Will Superboy be like his Young Justice counterpart?

The television one, I'm assuming? I haven't watched the show but I read the word "Goon" a lot on the message boards. If that is the case then, no, Superboy is not a goon. He is really smart -- like the way a baby processes so much more information than we do because everything is new -- and he's very funny. Not a goon, not surly.

With continuity being pretty unclear so far for the readers, as to what will stick and what won't, it's been said that Starfire still has her past with the Teen Titans. What about the other members of this Outsiders team continuity? And why this particular group of people on this team?

I think you mean Outlaws and not Outsiders. Jason's history is pretty much completely in tact -- but with some big reveals. We'll discover there was much more to his "re-orientation and training" after he came back to life than being shipped from Russian mobster to Polish munitions expert, etc. We'll learn that he received training at the hands of people that represented a sharp contrast between the type of experiences he had while being trained by Batman. And, we'll learn, sadly, that as soon as he left them he got so wrapped up in his quest for vengeance that he forgot all the truly important things he learned while he was there. Something happens in the first issue that starts him back on a road to that place... and hopefully, this time. he's matured enough that he can take everything he learned there and apply it.

Yeah, Jason has done some horrible things in his life -- depending on one's perspective on how much criminals should suffer or pay for their crimes with their lives given most haven't even been to trial for those crimes -- but I think at his core he is a good and noble person. Otherwise, Bruce never would have taken him into the bat cave that first time.

Roy's history is a bit abridged. Yes, he was Green Arrow's sidekick. Yes, he was a Teen Titan. Yes, he was an addict and that ultimately cost him his standing with both Green Arrow and Teen Titans. But he never married, never had a child, never had his arm torn off and never had carnal relations with a cat. But most importantly...

... he never relapsed. He's made his mistakes in life -- and certainly will continue to make more -- but the most heroic thing about Roy Harper is that he wakes up every morning sober and goes to bed sober, a Herculean task for some addicts. Whereas Jason is very calculating about everything he does (we'll see some of his safe houses across the globe) Roy always exists one hundred per cent in the moment: he says what he's thinking as he thinks it because he's discovered in the past that when he kept things in they festered and that only led to catastrophe.

Is that different than the Roy we've all known and loved over the years? Yes and no. It will be up to youse guys if you're willing to embrace a younger and more upbeat Roy than the angry and morose and nihilistic character he's become over the years. (Me? I love Outlaw Roy - and I'm hoping you will too!)

Aqualad will appear eventually right?!? Will he look like Brightest Day Kaldur or Young Justice Kaldur? Thanks!

Eventually, I am certain. In fact, SCOOP HERE: I was originally asked to include him in the first issue -- one of our earliest conversations between me and the editors. He was going to be part of the Core Five! But then it was decided, if I recall, that he was going to be such an important player in another book, that it should be left up to that book's writer to define exactly who Aqualad is and how he fits into the world. If I were writing him over in TEEN TITANS, his adventures in the other book would conflict with the team book. So, for the sake of Kaldur's continuity and growth he will not be appearing in the book just yet. (That said, I can't wait for the day he's a Teen Titan! Is he an awesome character, or what?!)

Is Bart the first Kid Flash in this new universe?

I don't think so. But in his head he is certainly is!

You mentioned that the Teen Titans is not going to be a team of sidekicks. Then why are there notorious relations between these teens and someof the "A-List" characters? Is there still going to be a relation between the team members and their "original" counterparts?

Not so much, no. Aside from Red Robin and Batman, we really want Kid Flash and Superboy and Wonder Girl and the others to stand on their own as interesting characters without having to compare them to other super heroes with similar powers. Again, we've had some 30 plus years of "How can I thrive within the shadow of my mentor?" stories. Let's let the kids see what other stories they can tell!

Will superboy star of with his kryto powers??

Hmmm. I think you are asking me if Superboy will start out with his Kryptonian powers? I'm going to say no.

I have these theory that Superboy doesn't really have "Kryptonian powers" -- rather his telekinetic powers allow him the ability to mostly ape those powers and that the strands of Kryptonian DNA allow his body to do things he couldn't otherwise do if his body was completely human.

Also, because of his condition in the opening issues he's going to have to be learning his powers all over again, so he and we will be able to better understand how they work and watch them develop over time.

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I guess I'm just bothered by the need DC has to keep ANY of the old continuity 'intact'. If you're going to start fresh, why not start anew? I know it's largely because they don't want to tamper with the successful Batbooks, but it seems they're already setting themselves up for problems that wouldn't exist if they'd just let the Flashpoint Universe (or FU) play out without the constraints. For example, why keep the heroin addiction if that happened during a Green Arrow/Green Lantern/Black Canary period that probably didn't occur? Why Rose Wilson when you're pretty unsure as to whether her father's title book is considering using her and you could have created Tulip White from scratch? Why not create TK Boy, since you're eschewing the Kryptonian stuff? (Yeah, I know, 'Superboy' is trademarked, but still.)

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I suppose because otherwise they'd be writing Tangent Comics. I have no idea how popular that was, though, so you may be on to something.
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Well, it's no different than when you create backstory for a new character, isn't it? Like Lobdell points out, new characters have pasts, as well. For a new reader, what's the difference between Roy Harper being a recovering addict and Brand New Character who's a recovering addict? One's no more confusing than the other, at least if handled right.

As for why keep the backstory, it's for the same reason you create imaginary backstory for a new character, I imagine. It provides storytelling elements a writer can build off of in the present.
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Yes, but there's backstory that comes with a new character that can be eventually fleshed out (or not) at the pace of the writer(s), and then there's backstory that's constraining and possibly contradictory. I'm just questioning the choice.

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I just don't understand how this version of Roy can contradict the other. In this universe, Roy probably went to rehab and got things handled by himself instead of with Dinah. It's really only contradictory if you want it to be.
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Getting clean was a large part of the story, and Roy didn't do it alone, which is a part of Dinah's story as well. I absolutely agree, though, that you can fanwank things to make them fit. I just a) don't like to work that hard when it's my money I'm forking over and b) don't see why they made Roy an addict in the first place. If you're going to remove other pieces of his past, like his daughter, as well as condense his timeline, why keep the addiction?

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"If you're going to remove other pieces of his past, like his daughter, as well as condense his timeline, why keep the addiction?"

Because it makes him unique with a backstory that stands out from the other characters in the DCU?
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A backstory that's now vague and possibly contradictory, which was my original point.
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again... the vaugness will be cleared as the story progesses... as far as contradictory, i STILL don't see how it will be contradictory...?

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well, some people might not be interested in the story of a recovering addict in general, but might be interested in Roy Harper's story. THat's the problem with scrapping a history of a character. Their history is who they are.