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Since it's my birthday today, who else would I post about if not the love child of my favourite OTP in the DCU? :D

Well, besides new Doctor Who that aired tonight anyway; Can't ask for more, lol...

From Wonder Woman issues #317, #318, #319 respectively.

Our story begins with Helena taking a much needed vacation away from Gotham when she runs into an old friend from uni.

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Helena attends her friend's "car party" of course, meets a few new people--namely Tracy Heather (an aspiring actress) and kabuki theatre actor/onnagata Seiji Kato--and Myra catches her up on her plans to purchase the head of a Japanese samurai statue. Helena decides to call it a night when she hears Myra screaming in her sleeping quarters and catches a perpetrator escaping the scene.

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After losing the fight and the perpetrator escaping, Helena sees that her friend is dead and decides to investigate her murder. After flipping through her diary, she finds out the guy she was buying the statue from and decides to pay him a visit as Helena Wayne. He doesn't have the actual statue present for inspection, so Helena decides to come back the next day. On her way out, she gets ambushed by the same ninja who killed her friend the night before.

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Helena goes to a kabuki play the next day where she encounters Tracy Heather again and the two decide to meet with Seiji Kato (one of the actors in the play) backstage. Here Seiji greets Helena with "Hello! Good to see you again Ms. Wayne. The third time is always lucky," which unwittingly gives him away as Myra's killer in Helena's mind. Later that night, Helena decides to pay both Seiji and Myra's seller a visit, this time in her Huntress guise.

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Helena's answer to Detective Martin of course is "trade secret."

It does make me wonder though if Helena realises the Japanese guy probs figured out Helena Wayne and Huntress were one and the same after this fight, especially given how their previous encounters went.

Anyway, Helena eventually deduces that the seller was planning on selling a fake statue to Myra and eventually nails his ass with the discovery (in her civilian identity) and allows the cops to do their job. THE END!

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First thought: What is the Hand doing on Earth-2?
Happy Birthday!


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