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Arkham City: Patient Interviews, and a bit of Dark Knight Rises Casting News

Basically to build up some backstory between the prequel comic and the upcoming game, some "interview" tapes have been released in which Dr Strange talks to a number of Bat Villains, both explaining why they're in Arkham City and building on both Hugo's charcter and their motivations for the game.

First up, Selina's,

Quincy Sharp, former head of Arkham Asylum and current mayor of Gotham, and the Riddler,


The Penguin,

I feel that the Penguin is about to say that he's going to someone a roight schlap in the face or something.

The Joker,

And as for the casting new... well it's something that was alsready kind of mentioned, but it's saying that the streetsmart Gotham girl that Juno Temple'll be playing will be Holly Robinson, though they're not even sure about that. Seriously, I wouldn't have thought that it'd be a pppsoiler would you?

For legality, here' a picture of Selina by Darwyn Cooke,

And for those who are interested, over on my blog I've collected up some of the Wizard comicbook Versus pictures that they commissioned. They're pretty cool if you wanna look.
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Sketches and commissions don't count as legality scans I'm afraid.
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No more Hamill doing Joker is gonna suck. Here's hoping AC is a fantastic last hurrah for him.

That said, given the dialogue at the front end of the Joker's tape, I wonder how Strange is dressing his guards, given that it sounds like something Joker would usually yell at Batman.
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From what I gather the only reason why he said he was 'retiring' the Joker after Arkham Asylum was he didnt' think they could TOP Arkham Asylum till he was shown the scripts for Arkham City...

So yeah he'll 'retire' the Joker untill they give him the next awesome script
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If his guards are dressed like Batman, I will laugh so hard.
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It's not like it's without precedent for Strange. If he's interested in studying Joker as he claims, it could be some sort of trigger, a means to understanding how Joker reacts to being in the vicinity of Batman.
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"...It couldn't have happened to nicer people!"

Wow. Both a straight talker and an enormous dick, this Penguin.

I like the B:TAS interpretation most. The broker of Gotham City, tapped in to all info channels and with juice running in every corner. But he runs "an honest business," and likes to be a bit of a dapper celebrity. He's too above such things as showing off how much power he has or how much he can obtain (unless doing so gets a point across).
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Ahah! I knew I knew Strange's voice from KH, I just had the right character but the wrong actor for them in mind.

[The game] Sounds good! Though I wish I could get past the feeling that I'm going to be let down by it. =/