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Renee Montoya exists in the new DCU, might not be Question

Allegedly someone asked Dan Didio as to whether Renee is in the new DCU, and apparently she's in the GCPD, but no word as to whether she's the Question or not.

Hm, seeing the "logic" behind some of the changes, I guess that they're going to say that Renee being a lesbian recovering alcholic makes her seem too old or something'. I'd be nice to see her around though, whatever form it may be in.

For legality, a funny/sad moment from Gotham Central.

A teenage boy dressed as Robin has been found dead in an alley, and the GCPD have to check in case it's the real one. Maggie Sawyer manages to pull some strings, ie she rings Lois Lane and asks her to ask Superman, and manages to get the Teen Titans in to confirm whether the dead Robin was their friend or not.

This leads to two pages that are both bizarre (the Titans costumes don't exactly merge well with the Gotham Central setting), sad (they make a reference to how Tim had been having a horrible time at the time of the comic, ie the deaths of his father and Steph) and a funny moment, which is at the end.

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This. This really pisses me off. Renee was brought down to her lowest point and clawed her way back up into a better person. And DC is taking that away. Why? To get Vic back? I loved Vic but he had his swan song and then went gently into that good night. It was heartbreaking but a beautiful send off.

You know, one of the things I liked about DC over Marvel was that DC had so many great legacy characters and now they're all gone. Except for the Robins of course.