Date: 2011-09-08 04:15 am (UTC)
I didn't say the Nazis did not attempt the genocide of the European Jews. I said the same tactics that the Nazis developed were later used by the Khmer Rouge to attempt the genocide of the ethnic Chinese. They were also used in Rwanda against the ethnic Tutsis.

Are we not to compare the later instances with the Nazis simply because Jews were not the primary target?

Are you going to limit your use of nazi references to other attempted genocides or are you going to use them in any case where you think that a group is being vilified?

but I think talking to a Jew about the nazis is like talking to an African-American about slavery.What might seem like a simply historical point to the speaker is going to have an emotional resonance with the listener and make the listener wonder if the speaker is trying to play down some very real horrors of the subject because others have done just that.

I live in Mississippi. I talk to African-Americans about slavery all the time. It's impossible to discuss any aspect of our common Southern culture without talking about how it either originated in or was transformed by slavery. Hell, it's impossible Nor am I alone in this. Mississippi Public Radio and Public Television has an large and diverse number of talk radio programs, and the subject gets mentioned all the time. Same with Mississippi Public Television.`

Talking about slavery itself is not the same thing as talking about something else and saying it's just like slavery. The statement you're quoting wasn't just in reference to you. How do you think those conversations you have all the time would go if you made of point of saying that blacks weren't the only ones who were slaves, that there were black slaveowners, or that slavery wasn't primarily about racism? Unless the person you were speaking to knew you well, it seems likely to me that those statements would be met with some suspicions about your motives.
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