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Andre Briggs, the head of U.N. intelligence, a man who wants to reassemble the Justice League in a new configuration, on that it will be easier to control them.

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Not sure how I feel about this. From what I got this really does retcon the entire previous JLI, and it seems like Didio has all but confirmed Ted Kord doesn't exist. I'm really sad about this. :(
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This. I love Jaime (who I think I remember getting mentioned as still being around) but I seriously miss me some old skool Beetle/Booster bromance. Why no Ted, DC? He's been dead over five years, which is FOREVER in comic terms.
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Jaime (who I think I remember getting mentioned as still being around)

He's headlining his own book. That's a bit more than 'mentioned as still being around'.
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Ah yes, it's actually been awhile since I read any news in full on the reboot, and I couldn't remember if I had read Jaime having his own book or whether it was my imagination trying to soothe me with the prospect of a good comic.