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Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE Preview

I had a choice between this and the new Suicide Squad preview (If you want to see that, you can go here but on your own head be it.)

The following comes from www.acomicbookblog.net

If Dr Frankenstein has gone Ultra-Humanite on us, that's deeply, deeply creepy.

Something tells me that's not the way to get on his good side Ms Creature From the Black Lagoon

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No, Eugenics is the social policy of improving the genetic base of a population.

Of course this makes even less sense and in comicbook terms is used as a 'dirty Nazi science word' so as to imply the character has done 'something no one should ever try to do'. Which I think was the point here.

Still makes no sense. Even by comic book science standards.
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I'm guessing it's a miss-word, honestly. Or someone skimmed Wikipedia and grabbed it without understanding the meaning.

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Eugenics technically just refers to any attempt to improve the gene pool. Although historically people have suggested doing this using selective breeding, mainly not letting supposedly genetically inferior people (different races, the congenitally disabled or developmentally disabled, etc.) reproduce, and has therefore been rightly associated with hateful and hate-filled ideologies, there's no reason the label couldn't also apply to the use of outright genetic engineering, so long as it was germline engineering where the fish lady could pass on her new genes to any offspring.