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Fear Itself #6

One page from #6 and I will be at my limit for that issue.

But its a truly worthy page.

edit: ok, 2 worthy pages.

That's right, Steve!!! Walk it to him!!!


Looks like I can do one more page for this issue.....
One more.

One.... against many.

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Two things I love in life are Steve Rogers telling near omnipotent beings what the deal is and Darksied breaking into peoples house to sit on their couches.

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Has... has the Darkseid thing happened? Because I would love to read that

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i... i think i....

i'll be in my bunk

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I'm right behind you.

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God this issue sucked

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Loving the scenes (didn't have a chance to read my copy over lunch), but Steve, I think you need more gun. With these guys, I'd start at least with a Barrett .50, and work my way up from there, unless you think you're Hawkeye enough to get their eyes.
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I'd like to marry that first word balloon.

The series stinks, but that speech is perfect.
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Not that I don't like Steve shouting down omnipotent beings, but that dialogue sounds nothing like Steve Rogers. At all. Steve's been far more eloquent in far worse situations before, and that's just... not his manner of speech. "Big man"? Apart from the swearing, this reads more like Ult Cap. (And I like Ult Cap! But he's not 616 Cap.)

Also, I refuse to believe that Odin is so ~shocked~ at being shouted at he's lost for words. It's only a few issues since Tony yelled abuse at him. And he's a god of Vikings, and he's Thor and Loki's dad. You can't tell me he's stunned by raised voices. What next, Odin faints because Steve tracks mud over the Bifrost?
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I get the feeling it's because Steve is in the middle of an actual, genuine war. This isn't a supervillain slugfest, or an alien race making trouble, this is a case of deities actually involved in war with each other and trashing the earth as a side effect. "Pushy" seem's the only way to go in such a case.

And Steve isn't just shouting at him, he's issuing ORDERS. I imagine it's a long, long time since anyone, least of all a mortal, treated Odin like a servant.

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With Tony, Odin was dealing with basically a mouthy drunk cursing his name and asking him for favors in the same breath. He's probably heard that millions of times before from the Vikings, and only paid attention because it was one of his kid's friends.

While I agree that Cap's speech was sadly lacking the eloquence and dignity the character has demonstrated under capable writers, I like to think Odin's reaction is an instance of "Who is this mortal to be giving me orders, and why was my first impulse to obey them?"

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I'm with you, I mean I am also for Steve shouting at Gods and beings that are super-powerful (that scene with Steve and Thanos in Infinity Gauntlet was really fucking sweet) but this didn't really sound like him at all.
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I agree that Fear Itself Steve doesn't really feel right. Fraction doesn't seem to get his voice at all. He comes off, like you said, as Ultimate Cap.
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Steve has The Captain's face in that last panel.
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The Captain!

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His name is The Captain!

Re: The Captain!

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Re: The Captain!

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So when a human asks for weapons in Odin's domain, that's fine, but when a human asks for Odin to heal his son in his domain, fuck 'im.

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I really enjoyed these two Cap moments. Problem is, in between them, Cap basically said "Evacuate Earth, I'll be over here being a sad panda".

And that's not Cap. So I'm gonna call the guy in those scenes Dave from now on.
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Wait, hang on...
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It'd be funny if some asgardian scmuck went around calling himself Captain Asgard...

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Still loving the art but I was hoping to find out what happened to the Thing this issue. Is he just wandering around lost now that he's not Angrir anymore?
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Never mind Cap..

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There's a line of dialogue from Iron Man that goes:-

"I rather came having had."

WHAT?!? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

(And context really doesn't help either..)

I wish I could blame this line on Tony being drunk, but this is the second time in as many months that Fraction's wrote a line that seemed to have little grasp of basic english!

In the Mighty Thor #5 he has the Silver Surfer utter the line:-

"Mercy is nothing born to ride the Cosmic Winds."

God, is anyone even proof reading his work? Marvel's editors must have the easiest job in the world, given that they never actually seem to do anything any more..

It's annoying because I like the artwork, and I really want to enjoy an event that focuses on Cap and Thor, but the writing is making me never want to pick up another Marvel title again.

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Re: Never mind Cap..

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Depends, was Tony drunk?

Tony's state..

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Re: Never mind Cap..

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Re: Never mind Cap..

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Re: Never mind Cap..

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Re: Never mind Cap..

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Goddammit, Tinypic, why do you hate me!?!

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What happened to the shield?
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The Serpent destroyed Cap's shield last ish.

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On an aside, though, Cap's bit of dialogue up there really doesn't sound like him. Did Fraction accidentally think he was writing Ultimate Cap?
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AND THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one! Steve sounds way off, I mean I love him smack-talking Odin I guess the major things happening in Fear Itself is putting a big stress on Steve but some dialogue in this comic was a little off, especially that last panel.

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Good but a lot of characters were so out of character. Spiderman still putting Aunt may above everything was sweet but broughtback negattive memories.
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I can't see Steve using the words "Son of a Bitch" Ultimate Cap? Yes but regular 616 Steve is too respectful, and he wouldn't refer to someone's mother that way.

This is another case of Fraction not caring about previous characterization, also I've never seen Thor say ass so many times, seriously...

I did however like Odin and Thor's conversation, and how Odin was worried for his son and always kept asking him if he wanted to change his mind and not fight the serpent even when Thor kept insisting him that he was, probably the only good thing about this issue.
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I'm pretty sure I once criticised someone's fanfic for Cap calling someone a bitch... welp.

I don't think Fraction has a knack for individual character voice. I mean - I'm sure I'd like this scene a lot better if the characters sounded like Steve and Odin, but it doesn't work at all for me with this dialogue. Too bad; it could have been good, like, IDK, Sheridan calling out Kosh.

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hot and cursing when it matters most :)