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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

So here we are with the first issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man with Miles Morales as Peter Parker's successor. True to Bendis fashion, it appears that we're going to be dealing with an arc-long origin story. If you were expecting this to pick up from Miles' appearance in Fallout with him already dressed up as Spidey, you're going to be disappointed. Personally, I thought it was a good start.

So like Peter Parker, Norman Osborn has his fingers in the origin of this Spidey, albeit from a distance. He was trying to replicate the same spider that bit Peter.

Our introduction to Miles:

This time it goes differently:

Now what appears to be the Ultimate version of the Prowler is seen breaking into OsCorp (at this point, Norman is gone, having been exposed as the Green Goblin) to steal some stuff (mostly money) but unbeknownst to him, the new OsCorp spider has snuck into his bag. This Prowler appears to be Miles' uncle (or at the very least, is connected to the Prowler). Miles goes to visit him, and the spider sneaks out of his bag and...

Miles has a bit more dramatic reaction than Peter does, and is foaming at the mouth. He gets better, but Miles' father comes in and gets into a big argument with the uncle about Miles visiting him. Appears there's some bad blood between them. Miles runs out of the room.

His father goes to look for him, but he can't find him...only thing is, Miles is right there.

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I actually quite like the idea of giving Miles somewhat different powers than Peter, although I'm not sure about the power set we seem like we may be getting, might be TOO off and prevent him from actually inheriting the mantle in the public mind.

But I'm interested in seeing where this story goes.