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Amazing Spider-Man #669

So Spider-Island is under way, with New York's inhabitants coming down with spider-powers. Spider-Man and His Amazing Girlfriend Carlie decide to help out.

It's also implied that Carlie Cooper might be on to who Spidey is, even though the mindwipe Spidey sold his soul to Mephisto for had made it so no one would be able to deduce it themselves even if the evidence is staring themselves in the face, but heck, given that Jackal still knows who Spider-Man is, it appears Slott doesn't care anymore. Or maybe Carlie Cooper is so perfect she can see beyond the mindwipe.

Anyway, Shocker now has four extra arms and is in the midst of a robbery.

The Queen? Who is she? Well, she was a Spider-Man villainess from Paul Jenkins' run a while back...she did this:

Which lead to this...

Also,'s a good look for you. At least now we have something else besides your glasses to distinguish you from everyone else.
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what happened to MJ? doesn't seh have powers too?
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i would love fore MJ's powers to be "special" in that she keeps (at least part of) them and does not go into the Metamorphosis stage. then in the end it is SHE who comes to the rescue!
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That actually looks like where this is going.
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really? what makes you say that? im only speaking as pipe dreams
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Well, Dan Slott has made particular emphasis on the fact that Mary Jane does NOT have spider powers. First in the scene from last issue (ASM #668) in which she's talking to the tourist about how not everyone has spider-powers and seeing Peter and Carlie swing overhead with a look that suggested she was jealous. And then, in this issue, they show MJ being the only one walking around Times Square while everyone else is web-swinging overhead, with one of Jameson's Anti-Spider Patrol making the remark about how he doesn't think there's a person left who isn't infected by now. Even the recap page states: "Welcome to Spider-Island, where everyone has spider-powers! Well...everyone but Mary Jane Watson."

However, we know from previews of upcoming covers that she does get them; but considering the particular emphasis on her lack of them now, along with Reed also stating that only mutants and those already having super powers are immune, it seems likely that MJ not only already has powers but may have had them BEFORE Spider-Island and may end up keeping them afterwards.

Why, you might ask? Well, remember during One Moment in Time the mindwipe Strange used was partly delivered by Tony Stark's Extremis nanovirus. And for a brief moment, Peter was outside of the protective bubble when he went to get Mary Jane, thus they were both exposed to Extremis. What if the nanovirus copied and transferred Peter's powers into Mary Jane? The only reason why she hasn't manifested them until now is because, like Peter during the Other, it requires physical trauma to activate them. This would also explain how Peter lost his organic webbing and the additional powers he got from The Other, as well.
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I'm just hoping Spider-Girl gets to keep her powers.