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So Spider-Island is under way, with New York's inhabitants coming down with spider-powers. Spider-Man and His Amazing Girlfriend Carlie decide to help out.

It's also implied that Carlie Cooper might be on to who Spidey is, even though the mindwipe Spidey sold his soul to Mephisto for had made it so no one would be able to deduce it themselves even if the evidence is staring themselves in the face, but heck, given that Jackal still knows who Spider-Man is, it appears Slott doesn't care anymore. Or maybe Carlie Cooper is so perfect she can see beyond the mindwipe.

Anyway, Shocker now has four extra arms and is in the midst of a robbery.

The Queen? Who is she? Well, she was a Spider-Man villainess from Paul Jenkins' run a while back...she did this:

Which lead to this...

Also,'s a good look for you. At least now we have something else besides your glasses to distinguish you from everyone else.

Date: 2011-09-15 03:07 am (UTC)
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Thank God, there was a guy claiming to work for Marvel in one of the boards I frequent and he said the Spider-Queen was going to be a Gwen clone.

I took it with a grain of salt but knowing how the Spider-Man stories are going I wouldn't rule it out either you know.

Well I'm glad that wasn't the case anyway.


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