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A little under four pages from DEMON KNIGHTS 1, DC's new series about superheroes in the Dark Ages...

Madame Xanadu and "Jason o' th' Blood" arrive in the village of Little Spring, near the kingdom of Alba Sarum (fictional, natch). They're just in time to see Vandal Savage barging into an inn.

Also at the inn are two new characters, the inventor Al Jabr and the ball-busting Exoristos. The innkeep doesn't want to serve the former because he's brown, but the latter points out that he's willing to serve her even though she's ten times as foreign as Al Jabr.

Apparently, Paul Cornell's gone back to the Jack Kirby version of the Demon's voice, where he only rhymes during important moments, usually when he's delivering the coup de grace to some baddie.

So then the Questing Queen unleashes an army of knife-wielding dinosaurs on them.

Date: 2011-09-15 09:25 am (UTC)
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Etrigan is back with a book! Yay!

BTW, anyone knows that happened to that other Demon-book that was announced like ~a year ago/6 months back before the relaunch? It can't be this same book, since the other was specifically an Etrigan solo book and set in our modern time.


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