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Behold the Mighty - REVISTED has the image of those who will fight the Worthy.

Same images, now without the silhouette.

Edit: Image fixed.

Ok... I will say it. Not impressed. It had potential (could have gone with Spidey's bulletproof/stealth suits hybrid). And Logan just looks awful. I thought Jewel would have been the other sword-maiden.

The designer's weren't even trying. You've got a rich history of alternate-universe costumes to look up. I just hope this ends quickly.
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What really boggles me is how they've waited for this until the last damn issue.

Six straight issues of the Serpent and the Worthy roflstomping their way across the Marvel U, and we're supposed to buy some last-minute powerups turning everything around in one? There won't even be enough page space for interesting Mighty vs. Worthy fights unless the last issue is mega huge or something.

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Well to be fair they're cheating with the last issue, splitting it up into 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 all in one month