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Behold the Mighty - REVISTED has the image of those who will fight the Worthy.

Same images, now without the silhouette.

Edit: Image fixed.

Ok... I will say it. Not impressed. It had potential (could have gone with Spidey's bulletproof/stealth suits hybrid). And Logan just looks awful. I thought Jewel would have been the other sword-maiden.

The designer's weren't even trying. You've got a rich history of alternate-universe costumes to look up. I just hope this ends quickly.
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I don't care how much healing factor he has. Logan wearing what appears to be armour made of lava looks very painful.

I'm also disappointed Steve isn't among the Mighty.
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Motto on the last part, which I left out of my previous comment. How the heck does Tony not make something for Steve, but does make something for Red She-Hulk?
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It's possible that Steve's power-up is of the eleventh hour variety that saves all of creation. So they're keeping mum.
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I'm calling it, Steve is picking up Mljonir.
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But these guys are clearly Steve's backup singers. He's a focal point of the event already, it's clear he's going to play a big part in the conclusion.

I'm glad people who aren't Steve are getting some spotlight time. It's about time women (who aren't evil Nazis) got to do something in this event. Unfortunately no PoC, unless that's Rhodey.
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Maybe Tony is remembering the Civil War. Did Steve ever kick his ass the way that Thor and She-Hulk did?
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Ooooooh yeah. The final fight got pretty brutal.