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GL corps # 1 john stewart promotes ethical buisness practices and why they dont wear mask

This is 4 pages from the new GL corps. I am really glad that Guy and John stewart(my favorite lantern) got there own book. This is written by Peter J Tomasi, and he does a good job of balancing the honest architect, honorable marine, and rebellious hero sides of Lantern John Stewart.

I mainly wanted to post this part because I was worried about how John would be handled, and I must say throutout the issue Tomasi does a good job. I also wanted to post the part with guy trying to get a coaching job, but that is a whole post in itself.

Anyway the people in charge of a building John is in charge of are trying to convince him to cut corners. Lets see if they can convince him to allow peoples lives to be put in danger in a building he is designing shall we.


a big part in this issue is that everyone knows Guy and Johns identity. Also of note...he can wear the hell out of a suit.


I am noting a theme here just like in the scans of GLC 61 that were posted and in the 80s retroactive that featured john(he convinced sonar to just sell his patents instead of commiting crimes with his weapons)John has a tendency to not only stop people from doing wrong but go into long drawn out detail on how doing the right thing works better in the long run.


And Tomasi also goes back to Johns issue with crooked authority. Even in his very first appearance(before they retconned him as a soldier) he was always someone who questioned the people in power. The retconing of him into the marines works out in this sense, and makes him seem like a more militant peoples champion superhero who proudly served his country but does not hesitate to confront corruption.

Now for some Guy time...


I cant wait to post the portion of guy trying to get a job, it really brings this conversation home. But I am glad John and Guy have such good moments with each other. Over all this was an amazing issue that kind of set the stage for where both of them are in life right now. John and Guy burning a green hole through the galaxy.
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Nothing concrete. That being said... Guy's interactions with other characters were coloured by his brain damage. Take his tenure in the JLI. The brain damage was a major factor in his interactions with them. With that being removed from continuity, it's not a stretch to suggest that the brain damage is as well.