Date: 2011-09-22 10:17 am (UTC)
nomadicwriter: Doctor Doom and Wanda Maximoff (Doom/Wanda)
...You know, when I first saw that cover, I dared to dream Heinberg was going to give Doom and Wanda's relationship some sort of graceful coda where she acknowledged she'd seen another side of him before breaking it off, and that was enough to make me a very happy Doom fan. Then he went and did something eleventy times more awesome instead. Feel free to keep writing Doom forever, Heinberg.

Huh, Doom's white angel outfit at the end there is a lot like his FF uniform, aside from the gold trim. Maybe this story is the origin of Doom wearing white. If we ever find out where it fits in the timeline.

Also, it amuses me that you can basically rank the power levels of all the Awesome Cosmic Forces in the Marvel-verse based on a system of whether Doom uses them to fix his scars when he inevitably steals them. For Doom, this is your average Tuesday afternoon.
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