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Hex in the City

Jonah Hex gets a sidekick...

The narrator is Dr. Amadeus Arkham, who lately has been helping out the police investigate a string of grisly murders.

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This is good, but for one thing; why the Hell is Gotham a western frontier town? Isn't it supposed to be on the eastern seaboard somewhere?
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That's been confusing me, too. Couldn't they have used Hub, or Opal, or Keystone, or something? Is it because the world revolves around Batman?
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Or showing that Gotham has always been the sort of place to need the... unusual sort of crimefighter.
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Admittedly, Batman is DC's most popular character, but Gray and Palmiotti are doing their best to tie in events from Gates of Gotham as well as some of the stuff that Snyder has hinted would be happening in Batman.
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I rolled my eyes at that one too. Seriously, everything doesn't have to tie in to the superheroes.
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What makes you think it's a frontier town? Hex is a frontier kind of guy, but the rest of it, seems to be more urban, with rich and powerful business barons including mill owners and a detective squad in the police force.
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The text was pretty specific that he was brought in as an outside contractor, so to speak. So no need for Gotham to be in the west at all (I always saw it somewhere in the neighbourhood of Boston, maybe a little further south).
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Yep, it's in the East, but this wouldn't be the first time Hex's travels have brought him that way.
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I was wondering that, too. They tried to make it a Western town in the Bruce Wayne time-traveling stuff, too. Doesn't quite work for me.
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Ah, Hex's travels have brought him to Gotham and New York before, he's worked all over the place, and was brought in in Return of Bruce Wayne and in this series because he's THAT good.

I like the dynamic they're going for here, taking Hex out of his element and placing him in an urban setting is kind of interesting.
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It's quite explicitly NOT a frontier town. Arkham's narration on the first several pages revolve around the difference between big urban cities (Gotham) and the frontier (Hex's home range), and much of the rest involves ponderings on how Hex deals with cities.
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It is. Hex took the train for a job.