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Hex in the City

Jonah Hex gets a sidekick...

The narrator is Dr. Amadeus Arkham, who lately has been helping out the police investigate a string of grisly murders.

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I loved this book! I really really did! I didn't even mind paying the extra dollar for it. The increased page length let them tell way more story in the first issue than any other DC book I read this month. It was a great first issue and I love the conspiracy and the idea of a secret society set up amongst Gotham's elite. Arkham's narration combined with Hex's need for action made a really good combo.

I can't wait for this book next month!
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Arkham's observations of Hex were totally pinging my slashdar.
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This comic is getting bought. Looks like I am buy almost all the DCUn except for their actual super hero comics....smh.
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I have had this question sicne this was announced at the tip of my tongue and I never did get the courage to ask it.

What is the All-Star in the title from? It's notf rom the series of imprints they thought about doing after ASS and ASBAR certainly? Has it got something to do with the original Johan hex title?
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Win win win win win win win!
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This is good, but for one thing; why the Hell is Gotham a western frontier town? Isn't it supposed to be on the eastern seaboard somewhere?
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This, so far, has been my favorite of the new titles. So very, very good and the opening page and narration were PERFECT.
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Also have a Johah Hex visits Gotham City post coming up.
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I loved the scenes of Doctor Arkham psycho-analyzing Jonah Hex throughout the entire book. Gave you a feel for both of their characters.
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The last page has a seriously great layout. The coloring style is rather cool, very appropriate for the type of work. And it's used very well.

So, looks like only comics I'm interested in from the DCNU are indeed not superhero comics at all. Oh well. At least there's SOMEthing.
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Oh, i am lookin' forward to pickin' this up XD
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Just got finished reading it.


I am very impressed with this. The art is wonderful, the story solid, the characters are distinct without getting in your face, it's fast paced but events never seem to come out of nowhere. All in all a stellar effort, and I'm seeing why people are calling this one of the top stars out of the relaunch. Definitely sticking with this one.

I'm also amused by our dear Oswald's ancestor showing up. It ties nicely into his drive to gain respectability, one of my favourite parts of the character.
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Jonah Hex is never not cool.
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The previous Jonah Hex series was extremly readers friendly, and I had a couple friends here (Europe...Switzerland(!!)) that don't read US comics, actually following it and buying the trades as they came along.

Hope this one will be true to that...
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Heh, currently I've been watching the old Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series on DVD, and coming off that to this leads to some interesting comparisions.

A medical doctor teaming up with a professional crimefighter-for-hire to assist the police in crimes that they're stuck with, makes for an interesting dynamic, no?

Though from what I see Arkham seems to slide into the Watson role a might easier than Hex does Holmes'. ^^

And, man, Gotham was as lousey with secret societies in olden times as the current DCU is with clandestine organisations NOW. I mean, they had the Black Glove and Dr Hurt's associated skullduggery, they have the upcoming Council of Owls, they had the informal grouping that the Gotham Elders had in Gates of Gotham...

I wonder if they had any overlap?
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I love Moritat's art, but I'm going to hold off on this until I see whether or not the issues with the last Hex series carry over into this one. Considering that it's the same writer, my hopes aren't high, but the change of scenery may mean a change of theme, so we'll see.
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They wear rings with a crying human skull. How can they possibly not be evil? I mean, come on.