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Fanart Thursday

Jaime and Milagro by gasupyo.

I want Jaime's Batman boots.

JLU: Questionable Relationship by lesliweird.

Because rewatching JLU has reignited my love of this couple. :)

Family byLukico

I *heart* Bruce's exasperated expression.

I SEE you by Lukico

Superman: 'Hmm...that's funny: Batman's ass looks just like Bruce Wayne's, maybe there's some sort of connection.'

Fly Tony FLY by Lukico

Uh, Cap, I think Tony wants a kiss. :)

Batman and Poison Ivy byMattRhodes

I like Batman's costume here and the reflectivness of the shattered glass.

his smile by R6655321

*Cocks head to one side*  Why is it that I find this calmer expression of his a lot more disconcerting than his normal manic grin of,  'I DRINK BABY SUNDAES, Tuesdays and Thursdays - Friday is Chinese night?'

Dick, Wally and Garth by R6655321

Harley and Ivy by R6655321

Batman learns the hard way that you don't interrupt Harley and Ivy's 'playtime.'

Bart, Tim and Kon by R6655321

I think Timmy's feeling a little squashed.

tee-hee by NISSHIE

Superboy shows off his great hair.

jacket and jeans by NISSHIE

It's Kon again, but you probably knew that already.  ;)

Shirtless Grayson by Blumoonx06x

Because what fanart collection would be complete without our favourite sexy circus acrobat?

Late Danger Room Session by Blumoonx06x

Beetle Booster chibi 2 by Fox4859

Because it's cute, and so are they.

give her a smile by OrangeBlueCream

AWW poor BatChibi. Heart broken once again.

Discord by DarkyTheDragoness

"Game's over, my little ponies. You didn't find your precious Elements. Looks like we might be due for a big old storm of chaos!" *Insert evil laugh here.*

Yea, so, the premiere of MLP: FiM Season 2 was awesome and I love Discord. Goofy and funny but a genuinely sinister character.

X-MEN: Gambit 12 by togatsuko

"I like solitaire ok..unless I got play with." ;)

Girl Power bytabbykat

Little Katie Power, ain't she adorable? - and perfectly capable of ruling the world if she wanted to.

Roy and Lian Harper byLorainesammy.

A happy moment before Cry for Justice tore them apart :(

And for legality:

''Now get in the kitchen and make me a Bat-sandwich, woman!'
'But what goes in a Bat-sandwich?'
'How the Hell am I suppose to know? Jeez, what do you think I am, the World's greatest detective or something?'  

Since its Fanart Thursday here's a collection of artwork from random searches on DeviantArt. Enjoy :)
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so much adorable!!! ♥

My favourite may be the Helena/Vic one - he looks so expressive despite the faceless mask XD