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The fate of Pastor Mike the Wee

Greetings True Believers!

I can't express how much I love the current Thor titles. One of the things I love the most is the interesting human characters interacting with the Gods of Asgard.

One of those humans is Pastor Mike; according to Volstagg his full title is Pastor Mike the Wee, Small Friend of Jesus.

A small town preacher finds his destiny.

Bonus: Norrin Radd has no need for your primitive Earth-pants!


Galactus and the Asgardians are fighting over the world tree and Pastor Mike goes to Galactus and asks him to have mercy. The big G declines.

The battle continues and PM speaks to Volstagg.

PM: "This violence--the madness--there is a better way, there must be--"

V: "Little man, enough! The Gods do not fear death. We fear death without meaning. And this, human...this means quite a lot indeed. And your moral coin doesn't spend here. You are godly and we are gods. We see more--know more--then you could ever imagine."

Loki hides the seed in the roots of the World Tree where no one can find it. Peace talks begin.

Pastor Mike is back in Broxton sitting on the steps of his church and he gets a visit from the Silver Surfer.

SS: "You. Little man of God. Have you any understanding of that which you stood before today? Have you any idea what you witnessed out beyond Asgard's ruined borders?"

PM: "Heh. No. I...literally...have no idea...what happened today. The best I've come up with is that some thoughts are simply too big for man...and that's why we have God."

SS: "There are thoughts too big for God too. So they have men like you and I."

PM: "Y'lost me, friend. I seem to have misplaced my flying surfboard and...height..."

SS: "We are not so different, tiny man. Emissaries. Messengers."

PM: "One hundred fifty-six folks on a good Sunday and all of them feel unsafe with our new neighbors just over yonder--I just wanted to stop riots and ugliness. People go crazy when they think their homes--their kids--aren't safe. Problem was those...I don't know, gods, had more important things to sao to one another. For a messenger I sure had a hell of a time delivering my message."

PM: "I'm a widower, y'see. No children of my flock is all I have. And they're no more safe now than they were this morning."

SS: "You stood before Galactus and begged him peace while forces greater than you could imagine stood on the precipice of war. I heard you, little messenger of God. I heard you quite clearly."

SS: "And I come with a proposition."

Odin and Galactus make peace with SS's urging. He volunteers to stay in Asgard and watch for the Seed and make sure no one else uses it. Galactus finds this unacceptable. It leaves him without a Herald.

SS: "On the contrary. I stood at your side ready to slaughter and slaughter and slaughter until the Earth was black with Asgardian blood. Then I watched a man stand before you with nothing but open hands and the voice of his fellows inside him--men call him Mike"

Norrin address Mike:

SS "Go with him, Mike of Broxton. Be his conscience, his angel. See the stars on the shoulders of a god. You say you are a man of God? I am giving you the opportunity to literally become such a thing."

Surfer is tired of Galactus and his dread algebra. He wants to rediscover life on Earth. Odin finds the terms acceptable.

I really liked that.

Bonus: Pants!

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It is folly.