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Young Justice: Batcameos!

Yeah, so episode twelve of the series aired yesterday. Overall it was a good character building thing for Artemis (though it now seems that reading the comic is required reading to see what's going on in regard to her backstory), though the episode wasn't really the best one in the series.

It DID however present two amusing cameos as Artemis started going to Gotham Academy, the expensive school that Dick Grayson attends.

Firstly, there's Bette (Kane),

And secondly, there's a jealous friend of Dick's by the name of Barbara,

For legality,
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I didn't really know who these characters were. o.o
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though it now seems that reading the comic is required reading to see what's going on in regard to her backstory

I wouldn't really say that. The major items of information that the comic gave us, that her mom had an extended stay in prison and that she was raised by her dad during that time, are explained in the episode.
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Just name dropping. They did that in Targets, would be REALLY awesome if they actually were their superhero characters.

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"Some day we'll laugh about this."

I really love YJ Dick. He's such a... Weirdo.
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I liked Artemis somewhat in this episode, but she was so useless for like 90% of it. I blame the writer's giant boner for Robin though.
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Two Batgirls attending the same school? This should be interesting. :)
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i totally saw that! and i squeed with Joy :D

it was a GREAT episode!

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Isn't one of them supposed to die?
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Oh, I wish you were there too Cissie King-Jones!
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I adored this episode; it was great to see a new character combination for bonding, and I like that it gave Robin and Artemis the opportunity to show their stuff. Plus, the cameos were more valuable than gold.

Still debating whether or not Robin will now be the one to uncover Artemis' identity/backstory. Unless Cheshire or Sportsmaster decide to drop the bomb on everyone.

I am still fuming that nobody seems to care about poor Kaldur, though. He was in just as much danger as Miss Martian, except she was unconscious, but the whole episode was "IS M'GANN OKAY?!" "HOW'S M'GANN DOING?!" "M'GANN!!!" I like her character but jeezus guys, worry about Kaldur too D:

Also: Kid Flash schools Robin on EMP 101 wtf haha