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Preview of Huntress #1

Newsarama released the first four pages of Huntress #1 by Paul Levitz, and so far it looks like this will be the only book in DCnU I'll actually be picking up besides Birds of Prey and Earth-2 JSA.

(Though should this really surprise anyone on here at this point? XP)

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So far I'm really digging the art in this issue and the writing looks pretty solid. One thing I *am* a bit worried about though is Levitz writing Helena B too similarly to his Helena Wayne version (ie, drugging a guy to sleep for example was more Helena Wayne's modus operandi than Helena B's who is more likely to beat a guy unconscious). But other than that, I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of this issue on Wednesday :)
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All true, but the injection is nearly as unrealistic. There's a reason that anesthesiologists spend years learning how to drug people into unconsciousness safely. Too weak a dose, and the subject doesn't go under or doesn't stay under long enough; too strong a dose, and the subject dies. Also, if she were going to tranq him, why not just shoot a tranq bolt from the crossbow? It's a minor complaint, but this seems unnecessarily complicated.