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So a blogger had a conversation with Scott Lobdell a while back and they discussed Starfire-gate.

the blog post can be found here.

"Kory was definitely being evasive/sarcastic because she did NOT want to talk about her past with them and issues that will come up later in the series. She does not have a memory of ‘a goldfish’ as some people have been saying ‘round the ‘net.

Also, Jason was lying to Roy about certain implications he made in the first issue to Roy about Kory. I won’t say what exactly because I don’t want to spoil the next issue, especially since it’s not out yet."

so it appears that some of our guesses were correct, Kory was being purposfully missleading, and Jason had been lying. Her memory issues are not issues at all, she does NOT want to talk about her past for some reason.

the post goes onto say that Lobdell seemed visibly upset about some of the posting coments people have been leaving on message boards (not the interviews or reviews themselves, but the comments people have left... and i think we can safely assume that the comments were the "starfire is a slut" and the like comments.

I know i a have been one to defend Lobdell during Starfire-gate, and it is because I KNOW he is a great writer, and a great writer of women. which is why the impressions we got from RHATO troubled me. Also as a dabbler in writing i know about playing "the long grift" card and the dangers there in.

hopfully this will comfort some of us who have been... worrying about this
title. The fact that Lobdell actually seems to care about this also helps...

I will be blogging about this more in depth later.

anyways, for legality, because he traveled with her....

One Page From Animal Man #2
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