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1st (of only 4) appearances of Tomboy. (3 scans under cut)

The issue starts with Tomboy taking down an associate of the Claw (a local crime boss with claw-like hands) during a rooftop shootout with cops. Like most vigilantes she doesn't stick around for long afterwards. 

Back at home, Tomboy (real name Janie Jackson) lives with her mother, father, Police Lieutanent Charles Jackson and brother, Bill. None of her family know of her extracurricular activities, which is perhaps for the best considering that Bill has a massive crush on Tomboy. INCEST AHOY!

 Lieutanent Jackson is worried about the Claw who's recently broken out of jail and may be looking to get his gang back, including the criminal that Tomboy previously caught. As if on cue, the phone rings, and the Claw demands that the Lieutanent release his man or 'You won't have a waterfront left in this city!" he also warns the Lieutanent not to inform Tomboy, saying that they'll 'Take care of her in our own way!"

Overhearing, Janie quickly changes into Tomboy,sneaks out and heads to the waterfront. 

Tomboy takes out the Claw, only to become surrounded by his men.The Claw reveals the waterfront threat was merely a ploy to lure Tomboy to them so that they can get rid of her. They bundle Tomboy into the back of a car just as the police arrive and a police chase/gun fight ensues all the way to the airport. Tomboy is then taken aboard a plane which quickly takes off before the police can stop them.

Aboard, the Claw reveals his true goal.

Yeah, so Tomboy - having managed to grab hold of the the underside of the wing - prevents the bombs from dropping by using her weight to keep the bay doors from opening. The bombs begin going off inside the plane, which crashes into the the ocean and explodes, but not before Tomboy manages to leap to safety.

And thus Tomboy manages to save the waterfront from a fiery demise. She goes home (though I have no idea how she actually got to shore, I presume she either swam or was picked up by another vessel or something), and they all lived happily ever after - except for the Claw and his men who all died horrible deaths in the crash/explosion, but who gives a flying monkey about them, they were the bad guys!