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Huntress #1

Not sure how this works if you've already posted two pages from the preview, so just to be on the safe side, I'll just post two pages from the Huntress book that wreaked of all shades of awesome. ♥

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So long story short, Helena discovered human trafficking and she's doing something about it. All in all, [personal profile] aeka likes. ♥

Characterisation-wise, Helena Bertinelli is still the fiery Italian we all love with a whole lot of boot to smash someone's jaw. She does however feel a bit more toned down than her post-Crisis self, though this may change later as the story progresses. I did particularly notice that Levitz blended elements of the Helena Wayne personality onto Helena B (namely her one-liners) while leaving the rest of her character in tact for the most part, but when I write a proper review of this issue on my Huntress blog, I'll be able to support this better. :P

Hope you guys pick this one up. :)

[Edit]: She's Helena Wayne. (01/13/2012)
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I really enjoyed this. I came into the book never really paying much attention to Helena before. I bought it mostly because I love Marcus To's art. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it!

I wonder which way it's going to end up at the end. Is Helena from Earth 2 or DCnU? The letters page was purposely teasing! Ha.
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Well, I did say that I never paid that much attention and it shows. ;)