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Green Arrow #2

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Anybody excited about Oliver "Ollie" Queen and Dinah Laurel Lance first meeting in the DCnU next issue?
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Re: Not trying to tell anyone how to feel

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Thanks, I got called into work on saturday so yeah its not that hard to find time to post on the net.

And come on of course GA could strike a nerve with alfred he could get under anyone's skin. Didn't he get into a fistfight with another member of the league for telling to much "truth".

I was not saying calling someone anything out of there name is perfection, I was really just saying that is who he is. True it is good manners, and honestly it does seem to be the norm with most DC heroes(The marvel guys seem more smart-mouthed), but Green Arrows only distinguishable trait not copied from other heroes(I assume that would be an argument Alfred could shoot back at GA, he can have an arrow plane, arrow car, but no arrow Alfred), is his often ill mannered personality. Do not get me wrong they could have used a better word then skank(it did not get the job done for these supervillians), but the charachter we are talking about is a hypocritical skirt chaser who is breaking the law.