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My two favorite series growing...

were Young Justice and Generation X. And obviously with the PAD rule, YJ is a no-no but I'd like to share some of my favorite moments from Gen X early on in the run [Issues 1-20] as I've noticed there aren't a lot of posts in the tag for it. This series is also the reason I went from hating the character of Jubilee to loving her as a kid.

Our introduction to some of the ladies in Gen X #1:

Skin and Husk from Gen X #2:

Penance and Chamber from Gen X #3:

Don't ask Skin to babysit, Gen X #6:

Jubes from issue: #14

Friendship by Jubes and Ev from issue #17

That time Emma went a little crazy from issue #19:

A heart to heart between Monet and Emma from issue #20:

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You'd probably like his Legacy story which drmcninja is referring to. It was very creepy and seemed to reveal some of what he actually has to deal with on a daily basis. Collected in the tpb X-Men Legacy: Emplate by Mike Carey and Daniel Acuna. Good stuff. :)