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In the long run, does it matter who named the Avengers? Not really. But Pym discovering the particles with his name on them and then becoming Ant Man is a major part of Jan's history as a character, in both the Ults and 616. If you want a movie jan that is true to character (either ultimate or 616) and does her justice you need to give them both time to get going. I would love to see a more diverse Avengers. I would love to see anybody of a different race or another woman on the team i keep saying I don't think she would be a bad character to have on the team. That isn't an issue. But how angry would you be if they quickly worked over her origin story in a few minutes and dropped her in the middle of the plot with no explanation? Not knowing you I can't say for sure, but I'd imagine you wouldn't be very happy.

She can be a scientist. She can be a special agent. But if you want to throw her on the Avengers she needs her powers. There is already a check box for talented non powered special agent with two X's. Hawkeye can work because even if his background is spec ops, the focus is on his archery. Its what makes him unique and makes him a different asset, while Natasha's is her stealth and covert operations experience. If you just want to say a depowered Jan could be made an Avenger just based off of her skill as an agent, it doesn't make her any different from Nat, and does her any justice either.

I feel the need to point out again that this isn't a race or sex issue. I'm not defending any kind of white male status quo. I think it would be wonderful if they could fit more diversity of any kind into the team. But the fact is, they didn't and they sure as hell couldn't even by the time they started making the Avengers.

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