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Hey gals and guys!

I would like to start posting here some of my own webcomics parodies I've been doing for this past year (or so).
I've been meaning to post some of those on scans-daily for quite some time... but never got to for some reason.

Let's start with a quick introduction and then some of my first comic strips!

So first things first.
My (pen)name's Eyz. I'm a graphic designer, comic book fan and live in Switzerland.
I draw stuff that I put on my own deviantArt here: http://theeyzmaster.deviantart.com/
And review stuff that I make available on this blog: http://eyzmaster.blogspot.com/

Okay, enough boring stuff about me. Now what are we waiting for?

HEROES! is a little webcomic series I started first on deviantArt, that I moved over this blog (without as much success I gotta tell ya) and is now also released on this website with some other friends' own comic strips.
I'm not advertising anything here, I don't make any money with this, it's just for fun!

HEROES! are the way I call my various DC and Marvel parodies.
They might not be "professional" or hilarious, but I started making those because some characters I like haven't that well portrayed in modern comics and I wanted to share my luv for 'em and have fun while at it :'3
I'm currently working my way through the strips I call "Season 2". So let's start from scratch for s-d! Here's the first ones I did originally.


He is Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow. Superhero of Star City.
The other is Roy Harper aka Speedy, the red arrow! The sidekick!
This is Archers! A parody comic strip series about the dynamic archer duo!

Yeah, I like making some mock-up covers, gets me motivated to continue these :P
And here's my first comic strips, before I decided to cover more characters and create more "sub-series". (if you like 'em, I'll post more of those!)


The very first Archers! or Heroes! I did originally.
This was just an introduction.


I like scenes like this, between those two.


That's all for this time!

Obligatory self-advertisement:
Visit my Heroes! Blog - I upload new strips regularly, but also sketches, character sheets, etc..
Don't hesitate to leave feedback there as well!

And for legality:

Date: 2011-10-12 02:55 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] auggie18
Hah! These are yours? I totally remember them from deviantart! I think they rock. Thanks for the links!


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