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Greetings, True Believers! (Had to sell the family car to pay for the royalties of Proteus_Lives but I will still use his greeting)

Family and Friendship are elements that must be always treasured and it's always neat to see those elements playing a key role on the modern mythology we call Comic Books (especially on this Ultra-Violent era for our beloved heroes). Today I am proud to give you one great moment from FF # 10.

Ben Grimm has alienated himself from the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation and has been brooding alone at the Avengers Mansion. You could say that the "death" of Johnny Storm and his evil possesion during Fear Itself have left Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew under the control of depression. Let's admit it, folks, the life of Ben Grimm has always been Grim (sorry for the silly pun) with all his personal tragedies. Well, help is on its way for Mr. Grimm, courtesy of certain friendly neighbor.

Personal Note : I love that scene with Spiderman eating his Jarvis Burger and Fruity Drink like a Boss. That and the other panel with him smiling with the Jarvis Burger could be great avatars.

Now this is the Spiderman I grew up with. Always a joker with a heart of gold and always willing to lend a hand to his friends. Ben and Spidey may not have very friendly but they had a link called Johnny Storm and Ben probably knows that Johnny wouldn't give up on hope so easily. Will Ben follow Spidey's advice? I think you might now the answer already but let's carry on, comrades.

Sue and Reed are discussing the current events that have been haunting their heroic family when they suddenly hear their Fantastic Plane (Correct me if that isn't the correct name) and they are about to receive a surprise.

It's funny to see Ben mixing some of his sarcasm with the wise cracks that are usually the territory of Johnny and Spidey. It's good to see some hope on modern mainstream comics. Make Mine Marvel!

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Date: 2011-10-13 03:02 am (UTC)
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Gold-pressed Latinium!

I'm doing business in the Ferengi Alliance later this month.


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