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Thor 2 movie director announced

It's all over the web, but I will show it from the first place I found it on Google, ScreenRant has the announcement of the mortal who would command gods.

The search for Kenneth Branagh‘s replacement is at last over – and Patty Jenkins has emerged as the filmmaker that Marvel has deemed worthy of directing its fantastical comic book sequel, Thor 2.

Jenkins emerged as the frontrunner to helm the Thor followup about three weeks back. Game of Thrones series director Brian Kirk was being talked about as all but a lock for the job of directing Thor 2 prior to then, but a deal between him and Marvel was never finalized.

While she doesn’t have an immensely long resume, Jenkins’ previous directorial efforts are all pretty solid. Case in point: she helmed episodes of Arrested Development and Entourage, sat in the director’s chair on the feature-length film Monster (which earned star Charlize Theron an Oscar), and received an Emmy nod for her work on the first episode of AMC’s The Killing TV series.

I've been impressed with her work on the Killing. She can do it, so long as she keeps up a sense of wonder through it all.

For legality.

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